AMAC Aviation
"Full Management Services"

Assisting clients with our overall management services including...

  • Locating, purchase negotiations, and closings 
  • Aircraft cost analysis and type selection 
  • Upgrading aircraft paint, interior and avionics
  • Certification of aircraft Registration
  • Maintenance programs, including inspections & routine maintenance 
  • Locating, hiring, and management of flight crews
  • Training of flight crews
  • Cost control, budgeting, and accounting services 
  • Dispatching



We ensure that all maintenance and inspections meets or exceeds FAA regulations requirements.

Crew Staffing:

All crew exceed FAA training requirements and maintain our highest standards of safety.

Flight Planning and Dispatching:

We monitor weather conditions and make adjustments as necessary for a safe flight.


Provide detailed trip and maintenance expenditures.

Concierge Services:

Can provide upon requests, hotel reservations, ground transportation and in-flight catering, these are just a few of the services that we offer to our clients.

AMAC Aviation’s expertise and experience can help you find and purchase the right aircraft that fits your needs. We can assist with the negotiation, pre-inspection, flight demonstration, and purchase of your aircraft.

We maintain the highest standards of safety and service by providing experienced pilot crews and maintenance facility exceeding FAA Regulation requirements.

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